Malaika Arora’s Bold Question Leaves Son Speechless: ‘When Did You Lose Your Virginity?

Malaika Arora's Bold Question Leaves Son Speechless: 'When Did You Lose Your Virginity?

Malaika Arora and her son Arhaan Khan had a ‘hack’ in their new podcast, Dumb Biryani, where they talked about sex, marriage, and more.

We are back with the second episode of the Dumb Biryani podcast. Malaika will be seen in Arhaan’s film after her appearance in the first episode, where Arbaaz and his brother Suhail Khan will talk about their marriage and ‘virginity’.

Malaika asks Arhaan when he had sex for the first time

The latest announcement of Dumb Biryani, which was shared on Instagram on Tuesday, begins with Malaika asking Arhaan Khan, “When did you lose your virginity? Arhaan, I had fun.

She just said, “Wow.” At one point, Malaika looked at Ahan and said, “It’s so boring… Let me answer honestly. Give me fucking answers.” “Social climber,” Malaika said she wasn’t. According to Timesofindia, Ahaan asked her, “Let me see your hands.” Malaka also mocked Arhat: “You really think you can say that?” Because I’m hot. Arbaaz is now married Makeup artist Sshura Khan.

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Reactions on internet

Malaika has been dating actor Arjun Kapoor for years. One happy fan wrote: “When I say spicy, I mean no diabetes.” Another wrote, “Great for this episode.” A third person said, “A mother is a mother!!” he said. However, some people criticized Malaika. A saying goes: “Asking your son when he lost his virginity is the most disgusting thing a parent can say.”

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