From Tea with Bill Gates to Coffee at Burj Khalifa: Dolly Chaiwala’s Remarkable Rise

From Tea with Bill Gates to Coffee at Burj Khalifa: Dolly Chaiwala's Remarkable Rise

A few days ago, Dolly shared a video of her recent visit to the world’s tallest building for coffee.

Chaiwala, who caught everyone’s attention, got into trouble again with his recent visit to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Indiatimes reported, in viral video, Dolly arrives at the iconic location in a luxury car and is then greeted by two social media personalities who go by the name “Bade Bhai Chote Bhai”. he then takes a spectacular aerial view of the city. Dubai, from the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa with more than 13 million “It was watched too many times and ended with him having a difficult time walking away from Khalifa.” [I visited the top floor of Burj Khalifa and had a cup of coffee].

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Watch the video here:

Bill Gates shared a video of himself drinking tea at a stall in Nagpur. Later, Dolly interestingly prepares a special cup of tea. In the final shot, Gates is seen enjoying a hot cup of tea and posing with Dolly. The video directed by Gates is titled: “Wherever you go in India, you can find innovation – even when making a simple cup of tea!”

Following his famous relationship with Bill Gates, Dolly revealed: he initially loved Gates I didn’t know. I thought he was a stranger, and I should give him tea. When I returned to Nagpur the next day, I realized to whom I had given tea. (Hello everyone). He stood next to me while I worked. After I drank my tea, he (Bill Gates) said, “Wow, Dolly ki Chai.”

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