Indian Entrepreneur donates $2 million to Donald Trump’s campaign

The Republican candidate for America’s President has an Indian-American, and he has promised to raise $2 million for his victory fund. His victory rally is estimated to have 50,000 participants.

The Chicago-based industrialist Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, has already contributed $898,800 towards this campaign. While an individual is allowed to contribute a maximum $449,400, Kumar has paid on behalf of his wife, as well. He also reportedly paid in another $300,000 through other family members.

This brings him into the top 14 donors of the Trump campaign.
He said that his donation of $2 million would be in the best interest of India-US relationship. He also said that he plans to bring in a mega rally in the NY tri-state area to show the support of American-Indians for the candidate.

Next week, the entrepreneur is supposed to travel to India to invite Bollywood stars to the rally. These stars include names like Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra.

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Kumar and Trump share a similar stand on the current Muslim ideologies. They both agree that Mosques should be monitored.

Kumar is convinced that his choice sees India as a friend and neighboring Pakistan as not one. Profiling may be considered as a major worry for other people, but they believe that profiling is what is needed to stop terrorism.

He said that the Republican’s victory would considerably increase the bilateral trade in India.

The businessman is also a Narendra Modi fan and believes that the Modi-Trump duo has the potential to work wonders for the two nations, and help in eradicating terrorism in the name of Islam.

His take on 2002 Gujarat riots rests on the belief that the then CM had nothing to do with it.

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