WhatsApp beta testing call back and voicemail features

WhatsApp allows users to edit messages within 15 minutes

WhatsApp has added two new features for its Android Beta version 2.16.189. They are the ‘call back’ and ‘voicemail’ feature.

These features were spotted earlier in April with translation requests. However, this is just a beta feature and the actual release of these features may still be a far-fetched thing for Android and iOS.

The new features will be accessible after the user applies for the Google Play beta testing program for WhatsApp, and downloads the latest build.


The less preferable alternative is downloading the signed APK from APK Mirror. Once it is installed on the user’s device, he/she can call anyone (doesn’t matter if the other does not have the version).

If the person the user is calling declines the call or does receive it, the caller will see a new screen with the message – ‘Call declined’ – along with three options – Cancel, Call back and Record voice message.

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Once the user clicks on cancel, the screen is closed. The callback option makes another call to the same person (they’ve ignored you once, let’s make them do it again).

The voicemail option is the same as the existing voice message feature. The user can hold the button and record the message.

Earlier, the beta app got a new font. By tapping (`) thrice before and after the message, the text can become monospaced and plain. This is ideal for sending bits of code.

The pending beta features that haven’t made it to the existing versions are mentions, group invite links, improved music sharing and larger emojis.

Last month, the app received a new feature that allows users to send quotes. The app has been receiving updates very frequently. However, the best and the most anticipated one that is the ‘video calling’ is yet to see the light of day.

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