LinkedIn Founder on Notice: CEO Issues Sole Warning Amidst Rivalry

LinkedIn Founder on Notice: CEO Issues Sole Warning Amidst Rivalry

The founder of an American company is now sharing the request to contact LinkedIn via X as a “threat”.

People accept their requests, but one LinkedIn user used it to issue a “warning” to the rival company’s founder. Ali Schwanke, founder of Simple Strat, took a photo of the “threat” he received and shared it with X.

“Now LinkedIn comes with threats instead of arrests,” Wanke wrote to X. He also posted a screenshot of the “absurd” situation. He received “threats” on LinkedIn.

According to the screenshot, Optima Solutions CEO Carlos Pantoja sent a request to Schwanke along with the message. NDTV reported, The text read: “Your first and only warning, do not try to steal my workers, or you will have no workers left.”He wrote with the following message number: “With much love”.

Look at the post here:

Schwanke also shared why she chose not to blur out the company and its CEO. “I usually blur stuff but in this case I felt that was too much work for an unwarranted threat,” she wrote.

Since being shared on X two days ago, the post has received over 2 million views and counting. Many even shared their thoughts in the comment section of the post.

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Check out the reactions of people

“I could understand if you personally knew each other and in which case I’d be like ‘Dude, why are you trying to poach my peopleeeee?!’ But the aggression is somethin’,” posted an individual.

Another wondered, “LMAO. How exactly would he make you ‘have no employees’?”

“I love that he wanted to connect in order to say that,” expressed a third.

A fourth joked, “They should change the button to ‘Accept Threat’.”

“He thought he was doing the Steve Jobs thing, didn’t he,” wrote a fifth.

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