Ragini Khanna Denounces Viral Video Alleging Conversion to Christianity as ‘Completely Fake’

Ragini Khanna Denounces Viral Video Alleging Conversion to Christianity as 'Completely Fake'

Ragini Khanna created a stir by retweeting a fake post on her Instagram account

Govinda’s niece Ragini Khanna fell victim to fake news. The actor, who rose to fame with her leading role in the TV series “Sasural Genda Phool”, attended the announcement that she had converted to Christianity.

According to Timesnow, Explaining that the news was fake, Ragini said that she respects all religions and for her, humanity is the greatest religion. Fake news was introduced with the following statement: “Hello, I am Rajini Khanna. I want to apologize for converting to Christianity earlier and now I have returned to the path of Katha Hindu Sanatani.”

Rajini did not do this. flag fake news but retweeted the message. She admitted her mistake and said she would be careful when retweeting or posting photos and videos from her fan page on social media.

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The lesson I learned from this incident is this. I’ve been republishing posts from my fans for the last few months. But I don’t think it will be a problem and people will question me,” she told Dainik Bhaskar.

Ragini explained her incident

Opening up about the incident, Ragini explained, “A fan made a fake post (where I am seen converting to Christianity) and tagged my account. Then he sent a request for collaboration with me. I accepted by mistake. After some time he shared that fake post where I am talking about my religious conversion. He is completely fake. I have reported. Well, I have millions of fans, among them if one person does such a stupid thing, I can’t blame my entire fan club. My fans have been very loyal to me and I also respect them a lot.”

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Ragini has since stayed away from the subject as a last resort.

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