Breaking News: Prajwal Revanna to Land in Bangalore From Dubai at 3 PM

Breaking News: Prajwal Revanna to Land in Bangalore From Dubai at 3 PM

According to reports from TV9 Kannada, rape accused Karnataka Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna will land in Bangalore from Dubai at 3:00 PM on Sunday, May 5, 2024.

The SIT had issued a blue corner notice for his search as he is required for problems in multiple sexual accusation cases.

Prajwal Revanna was said to have fled to Germany and then to Dubai, according to the SIT.

The Karnataka police have already reached the Devanahalli Airport and scanning for names of arriving passengers.

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Kumaraswamy – Amit Shah late-night meeting

JD (S) leader and former Prime Minister HD DEwe Dowda’s son Kumaraswamy is said to have a late-night meeting with Indian Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah.

Reportedly Amit Shah has assured Kumaraswamy that the BJP will stand with the JD(S) and the ti-up will remain. Amit Shah also maintained that the elections would not be affected by sexual harassment.

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HD Revanna was arrested by the SI

Meanwhile, the SIT has arrested Prajwal’s father for kidnapping the victim and putting her up at his farmhouse near Bangalore. The visals can be seen in the below Youtube news video. The SIT has rescued the female victim from the farmhouse.

Revanna’s friend Rajagopal has also been taken into police custody for shifting the female victim to the farmhouse.

At least nine female victims have accused the father and son of sexual harassment and recording videos of the act.

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