Watch: Bengaluru Man’s Reckless Bike Ride With Women on Lap, Police Arrest Driver

Viral Video:Bengaluru Man Arrested for Reckless Bike Ride with Passenger on Lap

A viral video shows a man riding a motorcycle and a woman on his lap in Bengaluru. The video went viral, and local police intervened against the driver.

Suddenly, a new craze became popular among young people. Many cases of couples riding fast bikes in public displays of love have been reported across the country.

Couples in the bike on the road

Recently, the couple’s dangerous stunt on the streets of Bengaluru went viral. According to NDTV, In the video, a woman can be seen sitting on the lap of a man on a bicycle. The video went viral, prompting the Bengaluru police to crack down on the couple.

Watch the video here:

According to information obtained, the demonstration was held on May 17 at Bangalore International Airport. Wrapped around his neck, the video also shows that the couple is not wearing a helmet.

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Internet reacts

‘Hey thrill-seekers, the road isn’t a stage for stunts! Keep it safe for everyone, including yourselves. Let’s ride responsibly,” the tweet on X read.

Towards the end of the video, the following text reads: “Think safe, drive safe.” Bangalore is a city to love, not to stress out about. The video also led netizens to share their thoughts; some asked the police to take action on both of them, not just the driver.

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