Pokemon Go player uses a software bot to reach the game’s maximum level!

Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. A player, who identifies himself as “_problemz” on Reddit revealed that he managed to cheat the game out of curiosity by making use of a software bot until the end of the game at level 40.

The basic requirement to jump from level 39 is 5 million experience points. However, the total cumulative points required at this level are a whopping 20 million points. We don’t have any concrete proof except a collection of screenshots which reportedly confirms the feat.

If you are a hardcore Pokemon Go player, you will be able to know that once you reach level 20 in the much-hyped augmented reality mobile game, it will be difficult to climb up the ladder. It requires a total of 25000 experience points to climb from level 19 to 20.

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Pokemon Go player took to Reddi

You have to work hard twice to go from 20 to 21. However, the number increases considerably after every few levels. In fact, this is the first time the game doubles the requirements.

How was he able to do it?

Commenting on the development, the Reddit user claimed that the use of bots amounts to cheating other Pokemon Go players working hard to achieve their milestone. He added that he will not fight in gyms and I will not do it again.

“I don’t want to take anyone the fun of this game,” the user revealed on Reddit. He also stated that if you are a gamer, then either play legit to don’t play.

Interestingly, the concerned Reddit user has the developer Niantic to delete the account. We don’t have any credible information regarding how the entire process worked out. It remains a mystery.

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Since the Reddit user seems to be straight forward even though he used software bots to play Pokemon Go, we don’t expect him to disclose the complete details.

Which is the software?

In the meantime, few commenters emphasized that a bot, which can be found on public code platforms like GitHub will do the trick. However, the developer should modify the source code in such a way that it stops at poke stops and catch Pokemon. This will add few experience points, which will be valid for a long time.

The user also disclosed that he also depended on 132 lucky eggs, which was purchased from the in-game store. The eggs have the capability to double the amount of points earned over a span of 30-minute period.

Earlier, Nick Johnson, a 28-year-old resident of Brooklyn said that he caught every Pokemon available in the US. He captured 142 unique creatures by walking more than 95 miles. While playing the game, he also logged hundreds of hours of playtime. At around level 31, he managed to drop 10 pounds of weight.