Censor Board bans Malayalam movie ‘Ka Bodyscapes’ for gay scenes

A Malayalam movie named “Ka Bodyscapes” has been banned by the Central Board of Film Certification due to its explicit scenes and sleazy dialogues.

This Jayan Cherian directorial was first denied certificate by the CBFC panel members, and now the revising committee has also taken a similar decision, and they have made it clear that the film does not deserve a theatrical screening.

As per the censor board, the film is loaded with umpteen numbers of scenes which belittle Hindu Gods and culture. They also added that the director has used derogatory words against women throughout the running time.

ka bodyscapes

There is one scene in which the filmmaker showcases a woman masturbating, and these kinds of scenes do not deserve even ‘A’ or ‘S’ certificate.

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The CBFC has sent a letter to Jayan Cherian, and it is being signed by Prathibha A, Regional Officer, CBFC, Trivandrum.

This is not the first time that a movie from Jayan Cherian is facing similar problems. Earlier, his movie “Pappillio Budha” was also banned by censor board citing various reasons.

In “Ka Bodyscapes”, Jayan showcases a touching story in the backdrop of modern Kerala. The movie has touched current issues like “Kiss of Love Protest”, “Standing agitation” and sexual abuse faced by women in workplaces.

CBFC believe that the idea behind making this movie is good, but the way in which it is presented is so sleazy, and as a result, they are compelled to refuse the certificate.

This movie stars Nilambur Ayisha, Ashwin Mathew, Jayaprakash Kuloor, Arundathi and Saritha in the lead roles.

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A number of other movies like ‘Grat Grand Masti’ were released after many cuts, but this one was not suitable for the general audience said one of the censor members.

Stay tuned for more updates on this censor board war.

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