SBI’s Lunch Break Backlash: Customer’s Photo Sparks Urgent Response

SBI's Lunch Break Backlash: Customer's Photo Sparks Urgent Response

Indian banks often face customer criticism over service issues. Recently, a branch of the State Bank of India (SBI) in Pali, Rajasthan, was concerned when a customer saw that all employees had their lunch at the same time at 3 pm.

The bank apologized for the inconvenience but also warned the customer that taking photos in the branch violated security policy and asked him to remove the photos. It was 3 pm and all the employees were having lunch. The irony here is that SBI on the one hand, says that we do not have a lunch break and all employees eat lunch together.

Look at the post here:

Dear SBI, While the world may change dramatically, your services cannot. They asked why the bank was more concerned with its image than solving the problem.

Internet reacts

Very good, I think some tried to open the sleepy eyes of #SBI.I don’t know why #SBI staff are behaving very over smart with customers.

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Glad to see at least someone is showing their face. Nahi to ye SBI wale k nakhre bahut hai worst customer service

That’s why at least every 5-year this staff shall be transferred to remote locations. No employee should be allowed to work in same bank for more than 10 years. Max you can serve for 29 years in bank.

On the other hand, moneycontrol reported some users said that branches should choose lunch times to help customers plan their visits accordingly. Don’t rush to solve problems in anger. Let the banks compensate their customers for their troubles. Additionally, employees should be suspended immediately for disrupting work.

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