90 Laptops and 2 lakh cash stolen from a shop in Delhi

90 Laptops stolen

DELHI – On Sunday two thieves entered a laptop shop in central Delhi’s Karol Bagh. They took 90 laptops worth Rs 1 crore and cash around Rs 2 Lakh with them.

The CCTV camera which was installed outside the shop captured the entire incident.

The incident which took place around 5.30 AM was done within the time frame of 10 minutes. The police believe that both the thieves would be ex-employees of the shop as they were quite aware of the entire place.

90 Laptops stolen

The CCTVs capture all:

In the footage that was captured on the CCTV camera, it is seen that before making the break in both of them were walking around the shop for quite some time.

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After that, both the thief was assigned their respective job while one kept a close watch on the entire area and the people the other tried to break the lock of the shop.

How they robbed the shop:

After breaking the lock, they pulled the shutter slightly to enter inside the shop. To avoid any form of suspicion they pulled down the shutter. They not only took the high-end laptop that was worth over one crore but also all the cash that was kept inside the safe locker.

Keeping in with the gravity of the situation police have brought on board a special team to crack the case at the earliest. Also, the crime and forensic team have collected prints from the area.

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Police complaint filed:

The owners of the shop have reported that all the products were high end, and they will suffer a huge loss if the police are not able to identify the thieves at the earliest.

For now, the police remains quite sure that it was the work of an ex-employee because they thieves were quite aware of the entire area and the entire heist got over within a very limited timeframe. So they have asked the owner to give details about the ex-employee as well as the current employee.

At the same time, the cop also has suspicion that it may be a work of a current employee who have come together with an ex-employee to break into the shop.

Currently, the police have not been able to collect any new data, so the identity of the thieves remains a mystery for now.

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