Roof collapses in West Delhi; Woman and her two minor children die

On Monday a woman and her minor two children lost their life when a portion of their roof in a multi-story building collapsed. The incident in a West Delhi Uttam Nagar area in the early hours. The police have reported that another member of the family was injured in the incident.

The deceased woman was identified as Manju (26), and her two minor children were Daksh (5) and a girl named Tannu (2).

The other member of the family named Sushil (28) also got injured in the incident. The status of the patient remains unclear for now.

Roof collapses in West Delhi; Woman and her two minor children die
Woman and her two minor children die

The Delhi Fire Services had reported that the incident took place around 2.40 am when the roof was collapsed. The dreadful event took place on the first floor of the building located in Mohan Garden. The portion of the ceiling buried the woman and her children.

Rescue operations:

Other than Delhi Fire Services many other agencies including the police, municipal corporations and local administrations came together for the rescue operations. But they were only able to save the man while the woman and the children were declared dead on the spot.

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Mukesh Sharma, a member of Congress, have alleged that the regular sewerage work of Jal Board may have been the reason behind the incident. He has demanded the current government to take some strict action on people who are being held responsible for this incident.

How the roof collapsed?

For now, police have not been able to come up with concrete facts on how this incident took place. The family of the deceased also remains shocked and her waiting for Sushil to recover from his injuries.

The family of the deceased have also not filed any complaints about any of the bodies so the claim made by the Congress leader will only be proven right if the cop comes up with some proof.

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But this is not the first of its kind report that has been reported in the Capital. Citizens are filing regular complaints on the number of sewerage work and potholes that are being dug in the city. Daily reports of men falling in potholes or building getting collapsed are going higher.

But no stringent action has been taken by the government to look into this matter.

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