Dwarka ask National Green Tribunal to revive water body

This year monsoon has brought good news for everyone in the country. The residents of Dwarka has recently put down their suggestion to National Green Tribunal suggesting to revive waterbodies in the area. This move would ensure regular water supply in the area.

The team of people who came together for this comprised of Shashank Shekhar who is an assistant professor of geology at DU, and many other individuals who hold prominent positions in some of the leading universities in the country.

National Green Tribunal

They believe that if the National Green Tribunal can tap the run-off water body from Dwarka, IGI Airport, and other areas nearby they will be able to collect more than 10 million gallons for a year.

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National Green Tribunal

The waterbodies will not only help the 50,000 families residing in the area but will be beneficial for the environment. For this purpose, all the 33 water bodies in Dwarka will be revived.

The team further suggest that the organization will have to monitor the water received in Dwarka’s trunk drains which can also come handy in the water bodies.

Wastewater to be revived:

They further asked that terms like well maintained or developed should not be used for the description of the waterbodies. Instead, it should be categorized as revived, under revival and wastewater.

The reason behind emphasizing on the need of a waterbody is that a revived one will tend to provide fresh water throughout the year. On the other hand under revival is the one where the water table is an area 50 meters away from the waterbody. In the monsoon season it rises by 10 feet.

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The rain and storm water comes under the revived waterbody. While in many cases, the treated wastewater is used to recharge the same.

Furthermore, the team suggests that the organization should build woodland 50 meters from the newly appointed waterbody. The native species of plant and trees in the woodland will ensure that minimum water is wasted in evaporation.

The team member also blamed the waterbody committee set up in the area for not restoring the wetland in Dwarka. They feel that this new recommendation will help to restore the natural water and provide relief to people.

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