Three Romanians involved in Kerala ATM robbery; police seek Interpol’s help

A suspected team of three people from the Romania have robbed more than 3.5 lakh Rs from the residents of Thiruvananthapuram. The suspects have reportedly placed some hacking devices in various ATM centers in the Kerala capital some days back, and they have looted money from Mumbai through ultra hi-tech means on August 08, 2016.

As per reports, it is State Bank of India account holders who have faced huge loss through this theft. Customers came to known about this robbery when they started receiving SMS alerts on cash withdrawals.

The bank officials, on today morning, issued a statement and informed that they would pay the compensation for people who incurred a loss due to this robbery. They have also asked the customers not to get panic.

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As of now, sixteen people have registered their complaint in the Museum police station, while two others have lodged a petition in the Vattiyoorkkavu Station, Trivandrum.

After investigating inside the ATM counter, experts found camera, microchips, memory cards and mobile phone battery.

These devices were embedded in a gadget which resembles a smoke alarm.

The First Post quoted the City Police Commissioner Sparjan Kumar as saying,¬†“We examined the visuals of the CCTV and got the pictures of three foreigners. We suspect that they had a hand in the ATM robbery,”

Interpol help requested by Police:

“We have already intensified our investigation to trace their whereabouts and establish their identity. We are also probing whether more persons were involved in the crime,” he said.

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“As many as 22 people have so far lodged complaints saying money was withdrawn from their account. As per the preliminary assessment, about Rs 2.5 lakh had been lost,” he said.

Police officials believe that this is a planned conspiracy, and the looters have been working for the past couple of months to decrypt the information sealed under the magnetic strips of the ATM cards.

Manoj Abraham IPS is now investigating the case, and he has requested all the ATM users of the city to change their passwords as quickly as possible. He added that the security of the bank accounts in the State’s capital is at risk, and the only way to prevent further scam is by changing the secret code.

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