International Dance Day 2021 celebrated across the world

International Dance Day 2021 celebrated across the world
International Dance Day 2021 celebrated across the world

International Dance Day 2021 theme is ‘Purpose Of Dance’; Every year, this day is celebrated on April 29 to celebrate dance and encourage the participation, knowledge, and beauty behind each form of dance. This day was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), which is also the leading partner for the performing arts of UNESCO, as noted by dnaindia.

Since 1982, the ITI has selected a dance personality to write about their experiences and feelings about dance. This message has indirectly worked as a wake-up call for the governments and the institutions to prioritize dance forms to increase economic growth and happiness, and health in the population.

NDTV has recently reported how the world celebrates the day virtually by shaking legs or through video calling. The channel has posted a fantastic video of dancing wands for all Potterheads around the globe. So, Potterheads, you have a day now to celebrate in a completely new way; where are your wands? Take them out.

What is dance?

Dance is the form of movement which goes in harmony with a rhythm. It is the feelings of a person on hearing certain music and expressing those feelings through body language. It keeps a person happy, healthy, and fit. There are varieties of dance forms being practiced across the globe with different costumes and styles. Ain’t it amazing how the five fingers used in different ways change dance forms, and adding to this, it changes the explanation with various movements. Dance and its forms have always been in practice, and the privileged and the people from the most remote areas practice dance. There are several forms of tribal dance that have become a tourist attraction of several places.

Benefits of dancing:

Dancing helps keep the lungs and the heart in proper condition and keeps up the motor flexibility of the body. It also helps in toning the muscles and in the strength of the bones and the overall body. It also reduces the risks of osteoporosis. For those concerned about weight management, dancing can prove to be a fantastic exercise.

So, this year, while still quarantined, let us dance our hearts out and celebrate the day: to health, fitness and dance, and music.


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