Gautami Patil Leaked MMS Videos Exposes the Double Standards of Lavani Dance Shows

Gautami Patil Leaked MMS Exposes the Double Standards of Lavani Dance Shows

Gautami Patil, a popular Marathi actress and dancer, recently faced much backlash on social media after a video of her performing a lavani dance in a revealing outfit went viral.

The video was allegedly leaked by someone who attended the private event where she performed. Many netizens criticized her for disrespecting the traditional art form of lavani and for being too vulgar and obscene.

What is Lavani Dance?

Lavani is a folk dance form that originated in Maharashtra and is known for its rhythmic movements, expressive gestures, and catchy songs. Lavani is usually performed by women wearing colorful sarees and heavy jewelry. The dance is often associated with social and political commentary, as well as eroticism and sensuality.

Why is Gautami Patil’s Video Controversial?

Gautami Patil’s video sparked controversy because she deviated from the conventional style of lavani by wearing a short dress that exposed her legs and cleavage.


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She also performed some suggestive moves that some viewers found inappropriate and offensive. Some of the comments on the video accused her of ruining the culture and dignity of lavani, while others slut-shamed her and threatened her with violence.

How did Gautami Patil Respond?

Gautami Patil defended herself by saying she was unaware that the video was being recorded or shared online. She also said that she was hired by a private client who requested her to wear that outfit and perform that dance.

Gautami claimed that she did not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments or disrespect lavani. She said that she respects lavani as an art form and has been learning it since childhood. She also appealed to people to stop spreading hate and negativity.

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