Fred Durst Explores ‘The Noise’ on TV with Own Story

Time for a bit of ‘The Noise’, folks! Forty-three-year-old musician Fred Durst will don the role of co –executive producer for the new CW drama series that goes by the name ‘The Noise’.

Fred Durst  'The Noise'

According to UPI on November 1, the series will track Durst’s life as a musician. ‘The Noise’, in fact, would explore the musician’s shaky home life and how he went ahead and gave shape to his famous rock band.

Set in the 1990s, ‘The Noise’ will take the viewer to the nostalgic era of rock and the scenes around the period. In case you have forgotten, Fred Durst is still immersed in the world of music and has been making music with Limp Bizkit. The band had reunited in 2009, after a four year long split.

‘The Noise’ series will be yet another feather on Durst’s cap as he is known to be so fond of television. In fact he had earlier tried out his production skills, working with CBS on a sitcom titled Douchbag. He had also directed ‘The Education of Charlie Banks’, starring Jesse Eisenberg, in 2007.

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