North Korea proposes talks if South Korea stops hostility

North Korea proposes talks if South Korea stops hostility

Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday said that her country is inclined to resume talks with South Korea if it does not provoke the North with its hostile policies.

Response to South Korean President Moon Jae-in

South Korea’s President’s statement was to declare the 1950-53 Korean War to bring back peace. This proposal also came days after North Korea performed its first missile tests in the past six months and South Korea performed its first submarine-launched missile test.
Japan Today reports, Kim Yo Jong said that if South Korea distance itself from the past when it provoked and criticized them at every step with its double standards and restores the sincerity in its words and actions abandoning its hostility, then they would resume close communications about developing relations.

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Vice Foreign Minister of North Korea Ri Thae Song said that the American weapons and troops are deployed in South Korea. They are conducting regular U.S. military drills in the region. The Unification Ministry of South Korea responded that they would be happy to continue adopting the end-of-the-war declaration with North Korea.

Korean War

The Korean War ended but left the peninsula region in a technical state of war. North Korea wanted to sign a peace treaty with the United States to end the war and improve its relations with South Korea. Both the countries sat for making an end-of-war declaration, and hence they signed a peace treaty during the diplomacy period with the United States that began in Kim’s

Kim’s Warning

Kim warned that North Korea would introduce more weapon systems unless the U.S. drops its hostile policy. Last week, North Korea conducted its first cruise and ballistic missile tests, showing its ability to attack South Korea and Japan.

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