Indian cyber security agency warns users about vulnerabilities in Firefox and other browsers

The Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-IN), the premier nodal agency in the country that helps combat cyber attacks of the Indian Internet arena, has warned users about multiple security vulnerabilities in two of the most popular internet browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

The agency, in a report that released 19th February, 2014, said that multiple vulnerabilities have been detected in Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Google Chrome, which could be used to bypass certain security protocols to gain access to sensitive user information.

The issues could allow a hacker to gain escalated privileges, execute malicious software or cause denial of service condition on the targeted system.

The agency has advised internet users in India to upgrade their existing versions of the browsers immediately, to make sure that they are not attacked by a cyber criminal.

Giving more information about the vulnerability, the agency said that the problem is caused by an improper restrict access to “about:home” buttons in Mozilla Firefox, which could be exploited by a specially designed webpage to gain access to the user’s computer and sensitive information.

mozilla virus


Similarly, there have been several issues reported in Google’s Chrome web browser, which could be used by a remote attacker to run malicious scripts, download unwanted and probably malicious software programs or cause denial of various services on the internet.

According to the agency, the problem lies in the versions of Mozilla Firebox prior to 29.0, Firefox Extended Support Release versions prior to 24.3, versions of Thunderbird prior to 24.3, versions of SeaMonkey prior to 2.24 and versions of Google’s popular Chrome web browser prior to version 32.0.1700.102.

Internet users are hence advised to upgrade their web browsing software to the latest available versions for better security and safety of their systems and personal data.

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