Will Russia Invade Ukraine? Putin Keeps The US, NATO guessing

Will Russia Invade Ukraine? Putin Keep The US, Nato guessing

The accumulation of Russian troops near the Ukraine border is the most concerning issue on the World Democrats’ plate.

The Conflict Intelligence Team, a group of investigative journalists founded by a Russian journalist, Ruslan Leviev, exclusively spotted howitzers, main bullet tanks, and a bug anti-aircraft system on the sharing borders of Russia and Ukraine.

This setup and brinkmanship of Putin take us back to the 2014 invasion of Ukraine by Russia.
Now, Ukraine remains a member of the Alliance in NATO’s aspect, which leads to the expectancy of strict future actions by NATO countries, including the United States.

The rationale of shipment of material along the borders

The European Security negotiations with Moscow already skewed to Ukraine’s invasion before any diplomatic talk could begin.

Putin complaints against Ukraine of it becoming the dangerous medium of the West to manipulate Moscow.
Next to this, he had put forth demands that NATO couldn’t accept.

It’s even scarier to ponder on the thought that Putin senses this outcome and has already planned his next course of action.

The officials argue that the actions build-up to taking Kyiv under the Russian borders and influence.
Kyiv is the most populous city in Ukraine. It’s in the north-central part alongside the Donieper River.

The Cumulative action of NATO and Biden

The expected parade of actions of NATO and the USA includes harsh economic measures against Russia.

The Minsk Agreement of 2015 that formed the pact of Ukrainian and Russian forces to be at peace can also play an important part in diffusing the tension.

The military advances of Russia on the border can be restricted with sensible talks. They may come around the corner and put the situation back in hand.

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