Yuzvendra Chahal Reveals A Mumbai Indians Player Dangled Him from the 15th Floor in 2013

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Yuzvendra Chahal has spoken publicly regarding incidents of physical bullying while he was a young player in the IPL for the second time this year. The most recent proclamation concerns an instance in 2013, during which Chahal was playing for the Mumbai Indians and a player supposedly swung him from a 15th-floor hotel balcony after “becoming intoxicated”.

Chahal’s current squad

Yuzvendra Chahal is having a fantastic season with his current Indian Premier League squad. The leg-spinner has kept it neat while performing for the Rajasthan Royals and has grabbed wickets at frequent periods. He effectively has seven wickets in three IPL 2022 matches for Rajasthan Royals, and he hopes to keep his fine form going. Chahal is a personality off the field, and his casual demeanour has made him a popular character in the locker room. However, during Chahal’s term with the Mumbai Indians in 2013, he had to cope with an unpleasant situation involving a drunken player.

Chahal, Karun Nair, and Ravichandran Ashwin recounted their “comeback experiences” in a video published by Rajasthan Royals on Twitter.

What happened back in 2013?

“This goes down to 2013 when I played with the Mumbai Indians,” Chahal said in a Rajasthan Royals clip with R Ashwin discussing how players deal with difficult off-field events, which was released in April 7. “Following the games in Bengaluru, there was a get-together. So there was a player who was intoxicated – I won’t mention who he was – and he just pulled me off and took me out, where he swung me out from the balcony.

“I had my arms across his neck and was clinging to him. We were on the 15th floor if I’d slipped my firm hold… Instantly, a large number of people who were present arrived and took charge of the scenario. They gave me water after I passed out. Then I realised how cautious we must be whenever we leave the house. So there was one event in which I almost escaped death. I would have slipped down if there had been a minor blunder.”