Controversial call helps Novak Djokovic win over Murray at Sony Open

A disputed call helped seal Serbian Novak Djokovic’s quarter-final victory over the defending champion Andy Murray with 7-5, 6-3 in the ongoing Sony Open tournament. Djokovic, who benefited from an erroneous call claimed that he didn’t realize about breaking the rules.


When Murray was serving at 5-6 in the 12th game, Djokovic charged forward to volley a short ball and hit it. Djokovic was awarded the point by the chair. When Murray challenged him about it, Djokovic shrugged with a sheepish smile.

While Murray argued that he should have been awarded the point as Djokovic’s racket was on the far side of the net when he hit the ball, and TV replays confirmed same. However chair umpire Damian Steiner declined to change his call. Murray said that he went and asked about the matter and he told that he was over the net.

Djokovic said that it might be his mistake but he thought that he crossed the net with the racket and didn’t touch the net. He is not sure of the rule if one is not allowed to pass on other side with the racket. He would have conceded the point if he had understood it correctly.

Murray who was distracted mentally, committed unforced backhand errors losing the next three points, only to lose the game and the set. Later in the second set though Murray took a lead initially, he lost the final games and the match.