Prasar Bharati to broadcast 20 TV channels: Watch TV on smartphones for free

Now Prasar Bharati is all set to bring 20 TV channels on smartphones for free. Users can now watch TV on their phones.

Though most of people use mobile internet to do the same but the number of people who use this service are very few.

This is what the largest public broadcaster thought and has come up with this plan.

When users watched TV using mobile data, it would only work on 3G and also utilise a lot of speed and consume most of the available memory. With Prasar Bharti’s respective move this will come down and one will actually be able to watch TV.

You will now be able to catch up with your favourite soaps which you missed when on the go. the company is using the DVB-T technology to help its users view live TV. Initially the company is launching only 20 private channels after partnering with the private media houses.

According to the CEO, Prasar Bharati the same service will reach the mobiles by the next year and then people will have the option of viewing TV via Digital antenna.

The special thing that will be done here is that the company is trying to persuade the private players to embed a particular ‘chip’ into the future mobile handsets, with this users would not need any wifi connectivity or mobile internet to see TV on mobile phones.

The technology seems to be promising and the service is interesting enough but how many people would actually go ahead to purchase such handsets in the future is to be pondered upon.

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