Kylie Jenner Wore a See-Through Crochet Dress in Paris – Photos

Kylie Jenner is currently in Paris doing fancy Paris things, including attending yesterday’s Balmain show, where she showed up in the perfect sheer crochet dress.

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Where was this dress when I was roaming around a beach in July, I ask you? WHERE!

Kylie’s Paris outing comes amid Hulu’s The Kardashians airing its second episode of Season 2, during which Kylie opened up about why she and Travis Scott changed their baby son’s name from Wolf.

Speaking to Kris Jenner, Kylie said that she and Travis “think we know his official name” but don’t want to reveal it just yet “because god forbid we change it again.” I mean, fair.

Kylie explained that she and Travis “thought [the name] was gonna just come to us when we saw him,” but that didn’t exactly happen. The problem? They had to submit a birth certificate ASAP, so “just put Wolf Webster in that moment,” a decision which Kylie regrets.

Photo credit: MEGA - Getty Images

“Right after I signed the birth certificate, I was like, ‘What did I just do?'” she told her mom, adding that her son’s name still “hasn’t been changed legally yet” because “Travis still changes his name a few times.”

“He’ll come back and say, ‘I like this name.’ And then for the day, he’ll call him that,” Kylie explained. “And I’m like, ‘We can’t do this again.'”

Kylie and Travis’ baby was born alllllll the way back in February 2022, and she’s managed to keep his new name a secret for about seven months. However! Fans have theories, including that his name is “Snowy,” thanks to something Khloé Kardashian’s daughter True Thompson said.



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