Stimulus Checks Oct. 2022: 17 States Including Florida, Georgia, Hawaii and Virginia giving payments; Are you eligible?

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Inflation in the United States peaked in June at 9.1%, the highest point in over 40 years. With gas prices, groceries, and other living expenses increasing throughout 2022, many states have responded by providing inflation-relief checks.

According to the labor department, as reported by CNBC:

Stimulus Payments October: Which states are sending checks?
  1. • Gas: 25.6%
  2. • Airline fares: 33.4%
  3. • Electricity: 15.8%
  4. • Food at home: 13.5%
  5. • New vehicles: 10.1%
  6. • Food away from home: 8%
  7. • Used cars and trucks: 7.8%
  8. • Shelter: 6.2%
  9. • Medical care services: 5.6%
  10. • Apparel: 5.1%

17 states — California,  Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Delaware, Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia — are giving out some form of inflation relief to their residents.

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Pennsylvania is offering inflation-relief payments to low-income homeowners. Those who qualify for the Property Tax Rent/Rebate program will get a one-time tax rebate.

To qualify, homeowners must be 65 and older, widows and widowers 50 and older, or people with disabilities 18 and older, CNBC reported.

This rebate is a bonus in addition to one sent out in 2021. The refund should’ve been sent in September 2022; it’ll amount to 70% of the one sent out in 2021.

If you receive a rebate of $650 in 2021, the second one should amount to $455, according to Pa.’s Department of Revenue website.

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If you haven’t claimed either of your rebates yet, the deadline has been extended to Dec. 31, 2022.

Visit myPATH to claim your rebate(s).

Read more about what each state is offering for inflation-relief checks via CNBC.

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