Stimulus 2022: Americans from Alaska, California, New York, and Virginia to get payments worth up to $3,280

Illinois Stimulus Check 2022: Check when you will get direct payment worth $700


Here’s the list of states offering stimulus payments to American residents this fall.

While the federal administration has withdrawn from approving another national stimulus check, several states still have plans to send direct payments to residents this year.

More than a dozen states authorized some relief packages for their citizens this year in the face of record-high inflation.

In addition to rebates and stimulus checks, certain states provided relief by expanding tax credits.

In other states, massive budget surpluses automatically triggered tax refunds for residents.

Here are the ones that have the exact dates when either the money will be issued or arrive.

1. Alaska – $3,280

In June, Governor Mike Dunleavy signed a law bill allowing Alaskans to pocket $3,280.

This is in a combination of energy relief payments and the state’s Permanent Fund dividend.

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The Permanent Fund dividend pays an amount of the state’s oil wealth to residents each year.

According to the state, both payments went out as a lump sum on September 20.

They should start arriving by today.

Meanwhile, paper checks will be sent out during the week of October 6.

2. California – up to $1,050

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the state’s budget in June, which included $17billion worth of inflation relief in the form of tax rebates.

Roughly 23million people are in line for $200 to $1,050.

The payments will go out in multiple batches.

The first group getting cash will be residents who got the first or second round of the Golden State Stimulus payments via direct deposit.

Those Californians will see payments hit their accounts from October 7 to October 25.

The direct deposit payments will go out from October 28 to November 14.

Those who aren’t set up for a direct deposit and got Golden State Stimulus payments by debit card last year will receive debit cards in the mail between October 25 and December 10.

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Eligibility and payment amounts depend on income, tax filing status, and household size.

The state has an estimator that can help you determine your eligibility and see how much cash you can expect to receive.

3. New York – up to $270

Governor Kathy Hochul announced on September 8 that eligible New Yorkers could receive up to $270 in a new direct payment.

Known as the Additional NYS Child and Earned Income Tax Payment, New Yorkers who filed a 2021 tax return and received the Empire State Child Credit and/or the Earned Income Credit qualify.

Checks will include one or both payments, and the minimum amount issued is $25.

Eligible New Yorkers will be mailed their checks automatically.

Those who qualify can expect to receive their checks on or by October 31.

New Yorkers do not need to report the payment when they file their 2022 income tax return.

4. Virginia – up to $500

The Virginia General Assembly has approved a tax rebate for eligible residents.

Virginia residents who filed their taxes before July 1, 2022, will likely have started receiving their rebates in September, but some will have to wait until October for their relief checks.

All rebates will be sent by October 17, with all eligible Virginians set to receive the cash by October 31, according to the state’s tax department.

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A resident’s tax liability, the amount of taxes owed minus any credits throughout the year, will determine if they receive the one-time payment.


Individual taxpayers will be eligible to get a payment worth up to $250

Meanwhile, couples who filed their taxes can receive a payment worth up to $500.

Residents who think they may qualify for the tax rebate must file their taxes by November 1 if they haven’t already, according to the Virginia Department of Taxation.

For more on how you can get cash, here is the list of states sending out payments this month.

Here’s more on child tax credits on the way to families now.

Plus, why could some Minnesota residents be getting rebates of more than $3,300?


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