Al-Qaida Training Militants to launch Major attacks in India

In a very major development, Indian intelligence officials in new Delhi have mentioned that Indian Mujahideen (IM) and al-Qaida appear to be working together in the country from major attacks.

Al Qaida india

This comes shortly after Decrypted communications between the two terrorist groups have been found.

The officials of the Intelligence department have said that they have come across plots that also include plans to kidnap foreigners.

The further revelations are even scary as the plans of the two terrorist group aims at turning India into Syria and Iraq, where the violence is at its peak, said a report in Times of India.

However, reports have it that such collaboration between different Islamist militant groups may be short term, and it is tough to offer proof on operational ties among them.

Despite the same, Indian security agencies have claimed that they have evidence that pointed on the ongoing closeness between the Indian Mujahideen (IM) and al-Qaida.

There are possibilities of local targets, where local weapons like pressure cooker bombs may be used.

Agencies also claimed that IM members were training with the al-Qaida and similar terrorist groups in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan for attacks.

Some time back, al-Qaida had announced a South Asia wing, which poses more threat to India, especially violence that happens in neighboring Pakistan.

Security officials have also mentioned of the deadly suicide bombing that happened at the Pakistani side of a border crossing with India. Also, there was a terror alert this week, which had forced the navy to take off two ships.