Wassily Kandinsky’s 148th Birthday: Google Doodle for legendary painter

 Last Sunday, Google doodle dedicated its 24 hours for the legendary Indian actor Raj Kapoor, and today, on December 16, 2014, the search engine giant celebrates the 148thBirthday of Russian Painter Wassily Kandinsky in a very unique manner.

google doodle

Wassily Kandinsky is widely renowned as the pioneer painter who introduced purely abstract works. He succeeded in using colors as an expression of emotion, and the same kind of portrayal is being adopted by Google in its Doodle.

The legendary painter was born in Russia in 1866. From his childhood, Wassily Kandinsky showed a pure form of intimacy towards colors. For him, colors were just like notes on a keyword, and he claimed that he can hear music when he sees colors.

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After becoming a full time painter, Wassily Kandisky reigned as an unquestionable figure in the arena of art for more than five decades. His paintings were influenced by concepts like Impressionism, Fauvism, Pointillism, Bauhaus architecture and abstract expressionism.

Before starting his artistic career, Wassily Kandinsky completed his degree in law and economics to fulfill the wish of his parents.

During the time of Nazi overrule, more than 57 of his paintings were confiscated from Moscow. Later, they were put on show in the State-sponsored exhibit “Degenerate Art” in 1937.

After tasting some bitter experiences from his home land, Kandinsky moved to France and from the most romantic country in the world, he produced some of his best works. The painter lived in his Paris apartment studio till his death in 1944.

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