China blocks Gmail after six months of disruption

As per reports, Google’s email service, ‘Gmail’ has been blocked in the Chinese mainland. Gmail, touted to be the biggest email service in the planet is virtually inaccessible in the country, and if reports are true, then ‘The Great Firewall’ should be blamed for this.

China blocks Gmail


‘The Great Firewall of China’ is touted to be the most sophisticated Internet censoring mechanism in the world.

Google Transparency Report states that the traffic began to fall in China late on Christmas Day, and it reach zero hits by the afternoon of December 26, 2014.

Officials from Google have confirmed that there is nothing wrong in their end, and this is all happening due to blockage from the respective country.

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Dyn Research, renowned Internet Research group also confirmed this news through their Twitter page, and as per them, there had been an IP-level block of Gmail access throughout the Chinese mainland.

China is a country which always has tight control over internet. The communist government in the nation is very much particular about internet censoring, and they used to block even the minute content which may question the fate of Communist Party Leadership in the country.

But on the other hand, Hua Chunying, Chinese Foreign Minister Spokeswoman stated that she did not know anything about Gmail block. As per her, the Government is always committed to give good atmosphere for foreign investors.

The Gmail block is expected to create huge negative impacts on businesses which uses this email system for their operations.