GPS To Be Made In An Indian version in 2015

In 2015 India will have its own version of the navigation system GPS (Global Positioning System). It will be a regional version of the one made in the US.

GPS India

The present satellite navigation system is based out in space and is managed by the US. The GPS is used to get the time and location of any place on or near earth in any kind of weather conditions.

This kind of information is largely used by the commercial, civil and military across the world. Anybody with a GPS receiver can access it.

The Indian version of GPS is named the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) will be achieved by adding four more satellites out in space and then the navigation system will be operational.

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This was as told by the former chairman of ISRO Dr. K Radhakrishnan. He also added that there is a requirement of such a system since a satellite system controlled by a foreign government will allow just limited access.

The IRNSS is being designed such that its usage is mainly concentrated in the Indian mainland and also the area around it for about 1500 km. Initially 7 satellites will be used which will remain at a height of 36000 km. The accuracy of this system is expected to be about 10 – 20 meters.

With such a system India will be joining the countries like US, China and Russia who all have their own navigation systems.

The technical development will be continued go on for about a year and the immediate months will be focused to enhance the space applications.