Kanye West Releases New Song On New Year Featuring Paul Mccartney

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Kanye West got his fans on the New Year’s Eve in action by releasing a special single that also features Paul McCartney.

The track that’s named “Only Me” is way different from what we have heard from the rapper in his last album Yeezus.

The new long sounds like balled, much auto-tuned, and has debuted around the world on iTunes on January 1, 2015.

Kanye West Releases New Song On New Year Featuring Paul Mccartn

The song has been sung with the perspective of Kanye’s late mother, with lyrics that sound obvious like a tribute. A few words of the song include “tell Nori about me”, which is in reference to North- Kayne’s daughter with wife and reality star Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian said that the song remains her favorite and she cries while listening to the song every time.

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McCartney also features in the song, although fans might have a hard time hearing his voice, much thanks to the auto-tuned singing of West.

Earlier last year, there were speculations that both West and McCartney may come together, although no confirmations were announced.

It was then rumored to be named as “Piss On Your Grave”, and it remains to be seen if we get to hear that song.

It is also expected that Kayne’s follow up to his last album may feature the Beatles star, and the album is expected to release this year down the line.

Other reports suggested that the duo have worked on many tracks together, and their collaboration may have more in store for the fans.

Have you heard the new song as yet?