Diandra Sores and Gautam Gulati’s Romantic Date In Big Boss 8

The gifts that contestants of Big Boss received this festive season were unparalleled to anything that they have received this season. The contestants were allowed to meet their family although they were in freeze mode and couldn’t really say much.

Diandra Sores and Gautam Gulati's Romantic Date In Big Boss 8

This task was carried out day 100 where the first person to meet a family member was Puneet Issar who wept uncontrollably when he met his wife.

The next person to come in was Diandra who went on to express her feelings for Gautam. She went on to tell him how much she missed him. She went on to even say that she cherishes the moments that they spent together.

Gautam Gulati’s brother, Mohit, was next to come in the house. Although all of the contestants were supposed to be in freeze mode, Gautam choose to defy these orders and talk to his brother. He couldn’t say much as he was choking in tears. He was given strict instructions to not look so shabby and remain clean shaven at all times.

Mohit even went on to clear the make some comments about between Karishma and Upen. He made it a point to hug Puneet for standing by his brother.

Karishma Tanna got to meet her mother who told her as to how well she was playing the game and to keep it up. Karishma cried uncontrollably as she was in freeze mode and couldn’t say much but the mother and daughter were given a few moments to talk to each other.