Samsung To Unveil Tizen Smart TV To Take On Google’s Android

South Korean company Samsung is putting up a tough competition to tech giant Google as it moves from phones to smart TVs. The biggest TV manufacturer in the world will be unveiling the first set of TVs which will be running on the Tizen software later this week.

Consumer Electronics Show will see the unveiling of these TVs. Samsung might demonstrate how they can communicate with other electronic devices like vacuum cleaners, washing machines etc.

Samsung To Unveil Tizen Smart TV

The market for the internet connected appliances is worth about $7.1 trillion and Samsung is trying to grab a share of it. The Tizen based phones which were launched last year did not generate a good response. Now Samsung is trying to use it for TVs and other electronics the way Apple and Google are using their OS.

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Samsung has in the past risen to the No. 1 position globally for its phone sales. But these depended on the Android created by Google.

Samsung mobile phone unit which happens to be the generator of most of its profit slipped by 74% while its sales fell down by almost 33%.

This shocking revelation has now pushed the company to look for alternative sources for generating revenue. Tizen was a result of the collaboration of Samsung with companies like Docomo and Intel as they tried to come up with an alternative for Android.

Incidentally Android runs on 84% of the smart phones around the world.

Samsung can use its position as the leading manufacturer of TVs to build a new standard for the new OS Tizen.