YouTube Videos Teach Robots How To Cook

Researchers in the field of robotics have come up with a way to make sure that robots learn cooking simply by watching videos posted on YouTube.

The researchers from the University of Maryland and NICTA which happens to be the Australia’s research centre for information and communications have made this leap.

YouTube Videos Teach Robots To Cook

They have come up with a way to teach the robots how to use the kitchen tools. This is being taught to them by making these robots watch the videos that have been uploaded on YouTube.

Deep learning, a type of artificial intelligence, has made this sort of functioning of robots possible.

Deep learning is a system which uses training systems which are also known as artificial neural networks. These networks are used to gather huge amounts of information collected from several different types of sources, including sounds and pictures.

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This data which has been collected is then passed on to the above mentioned artificial neural networks which in turn send inferences.

For the purposes of research, convolutional neural networks were being used which identified activities like the hand grasping an object and also for recognising objects.

This system has the capability to later predict the action involved.

Researches collected data from 88 different videos from YouTube, which showed people cooking. Later commands were being generated by the researchers which the robots could execute. This resulted in the robots learning the art of cooking.

This may be a preliminary step in the making of a completely intelligent robot which can expand its knowledge by simply watching the videos on the web.

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