Reasons to discard the Vyamanika Shastra Vedic Plane Theory 40-years-ago

Forty years ago in 1974, IISc scientists Mukunda, SM Deshpande, HR Nagendra, A Prabhu and SP Govindaraju in a scientific journal explained the reasons for discarding the Vedic Plane Theory as the ancient theory for aviation before the Wright brothers have discovered it.

In the journal published in the name of Scientific Opinion they proved by showing five genuine reasons which supports their statement made after a critical study of Vyamanika Shastra for years.

Vedic Plane

They proved that the Vyamanika Shastra, which was previously known as the book written by the ancient sage Maharishi Bharadwaja, was actually written by some other person who lived in 20th century, also the book had a lack of technical theories that matches the actual aviation science. Here are the reasons are explained briefly:

  • No theory explained in Vyamanika Shastra proves that an object can fly.
  •  The book was written by someone who li ved in 20the century, not sage Maharishi Bharadwaja.
  •  The book was discovered in 1951 by AM Joyser, the Founder of an International Academy of Sanskrit Research at Mysore.
  • He published the book where it is clearly stated that the book existed somewhere between the year 1900 to 1922 and was interpreted by the sage Pandit Subbaraya, an interpreter of Sanskrit shlokas.
  • The sage died in 1944 and before his death, his work was discovered and documented by an aide says the Vyamanika Shastra.
  •  The theories mentioned in the book do not relate at all with the real planes, it’s merely related to the miniature model airplanes. The geometry mentioned for the flying objects are also very poor.
  • The propulsion theory explained in the book also does not support in flying rather it shows the prevention.
  •  The Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering requires a clear understanding of the concepts like:  aerodynamics, materials, metallurgy, propulsive devices, and aeronautical structures. But, the book says very little or nothing real at all about all these.
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