Sony revives walkman at CES 2015 with huge price tag

The once cool walkman is demanding to make a comeback all thanks to Sony.

The company is trying to get people excited of owning a Walkman which was once a rage. At the 2015 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) held in Las Vegas, Sony unveiled its Walkman NW – ZX2. It is a high definition player.

Sony revives walkman at CES 2015

The device has got a complete makeover and looks nothing like its predecessor. Even the price tag that the new player comes with is nowhere near the walkman of yesteryear. This 128 GB capacity walkman is coming with an eye popping price tag of $1119.99.

The price does seem very expensive considering that all phones now come with a music player of its own. But with the new walkman Sony is guarantying the users an experience of the finest kind and it is expected to appeal to the audiophiles.

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The new walkman has been designed and developed to produce quality music and will allow the user to hear them the way the artist intended it to be.

The capability of the device to hold up once completely charged is also pretty impressive. It will allow the users to listen music for 60 hours while high resolution playback can be carried out for 33 hours.

Even though the device has been launched, the preorders are not yet made available. However Sony is expecting to put the walkman in the hands of a consumer by the spring of 2015.

However, this is not the initial time Sony is attempting to do something along these lines. Just last year Sony released NWZ – A17 priced at $300.

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