LG launches Smartwatch that can control Audi cars

Audi along with LG, Samsung and Nvidia are working together to develop highly advanced technologies on their automobiles. Now, LG has released an Audi Smartwatch which has the capability to control, operate and manage the German car.

The smartwatch was introduced during the CES Display. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s head of Research and Development started the engine of Audi Prologue using the watch, and drove it around the stage.

It has the capacity to lock and unlock the car, adjusting the stereo, controlling climate etc.

LG launches Smartwatch that can control Audi cars

The touch screen of this LG smartwatch is very similar to its current Android models. It is powered with Google’s Android platform, latest UI and brand new hardware packets.

On the contrary, some technology experts claim that LG has used WebOS back again in this smartwatch.

This concept was announced by Audi some months back. As per the German carmaker, they have borrowed some features from their upcoming premium edition sedan A 8.

The Prologue can boast about several features which A8 doesn’t have, and it includes self-driving capability.

Through these kind of smartwatches, Hackenberg aims aim to say an all time Adios to the check in at the rental counters.

The smartwatch will allow drivers to unlock the rental cars according to the convenience of the customers.

The smartphone is stylishly designed, and it has the capability to capture anybody’s heart within a glance. This watch is going to create new revolutions in the automobile industry. Stay Tuned for more updates.

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