After India’s Successful Mangalyaan, NASA Aims High For Pluto This Time

After India’s successful space shuttle in Mars orbit, now NASA is planning to launch their first shuttle for the dwarf planet Pluto.

The planet is said to be at a distance of nearly 7.5 billion kilometers from planet earth. It is one of the first initiatives to explore one of the coldest planets of the solar system.

NASA Aims High For Pluto

The United States is attempting to study the planet closely. NASA is starting to setup a long range of photo shoot to understand the planetary motion and get some of the rare glimpse of the planet.

It shall help them to get better understanding about their research before they set to execute their first shuttle in its orbit.

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It is said to be a very costly project and scientists are anticipating to complete it successfully. It is one of the longest range projectile missions any nation is trying to get their hands on.

Pluto is the last planet of the solar system and reaching and touching its orbit is a challenge in itself. Hopes are high for this project as well.

NASA has failed to reach Mars as they could not successfully complete the project however is now is all set to touch the Pluto.

From the year 2006 study of the planet was started, scientists have shown immense interest to study the planet. Like mission mars scientists are also trying to find the reason behind Pluto being the coldest planet in the entire solar system.

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