Star Trek-Style transporter is all set to beam up objects?

A group of German scientists have developed a Star Trek-Style transporter which is capable to scan an object and beam it to different locations.

The creators of this machine have named it ‘Scotty’, after the chief engineer of Starship Enterprise, who was regularly seen ordering ‘beam me up’.

Star Trek-Style transporter

The new machine has the capability to scan an object, destroy it in the process, transmits it over the internet and then rebuild it using a 3D printer in a different location.

This is undoubtedly an early prototype of Star Trek teleportation machine, and many experts consider it as a milestone achievement.

What it can do:

The machine is capable to scan small objects layer by layer, and in the meantime, a milling machine slowly destroys it.

It is possible to get a detailed view of the object, as the machine is slicing the object layer by layer in an fine manner. Even the hollow cavities inside the object can be easily analyzed with this machine.

After slicing the object layer by layer, the machine will develop a detailed model, and will transmit it over the internet to a second machine. The second machine will reconstruct the object with the help of a 3D printer.

Scientists in the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany are the think tank behind the development of this machine. As per them, more advancement in this machine will make you capable to relocate physical objects across distances.

Scotty is capable to send personal handmade gifts across distances, and it will surely enhance the intimacy between the sender and the receiver.

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