Was it an asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs from earth?

Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid

 Earlier, it was believed that an asteroid hit which happened 66 million years ago has resulted in the extinction of dinosaurs.

As per previous assumptions, the asteroid caused vast global firestorms in the planet, and it literally created huge impacts on the dinosaur species.

Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid

But now, a recent experiment using a heat furnace and other items including non-living and living plant material has debunked the theory of dinosaur extinction as a result of an asteroid impact.

Latest research:

Researchers from the University of Exeter, University of Edinburgh and Imperial College London recreated the same atmosphere and immense energy released from an extra-terrestrial collision that may have happened during the dinosaur age.

During the experiment, they found that the heat created as a result of the hit is intense, but short lived in nature.

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The researchers claim that the asteroid impact could not have ignited the living plants near the area, and thus they debunked the theory of extinction which happened as a result of a global firestorm.

The experiments were carried out in a laboratory, and it showed that the heat has the capability to burn dry plant matter, but it could not ignite the living trees and plants.

But, the asteroid impact may have thrown enough ash and dust to the atmosphere.

Claire Belcher of Exeter University told that the firestorms which may have triggered will be localized in nature rather than global.

She added that paleontologists should look for more clues from the fossils to learn more about the mass extinction event.

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