India’s Team Indus Bags Wins Million Prize At Google Lunar XPrice

In another milestone event from Google, out of the sum of 30 million dollars prize money of $5.25 million has been distributed to five Google Lunar Xprize teams.

These awards were distributed in the category of imaging, Mobility and Landing systems. The competition was announced by Google to successfully land a robot on Moon.

Indus Google xprize

All the teams were judged on various technical verticals like navigation and control, propulsion, landing legs touch down, etc.

Couple of teams from US (Astrobotic and Moon Express) also bagged prizes. Both of them successful won 2, 50,000 dollars each for their prototype on Landing systems and Imaging category.

The grand prize of 5, 00,000 dollars for mobility system was won by the teams from Japan and Germany.

Indus team from India won 1 million dollar in the category of successful robot landing judged on the base of hardware, software and the overall support for a soft landing of Google’s space craft Lunar Xprize on moon.

India’s team Indus is headquartered in Bangalore. It is being managed by an aerospace startup company Axiom Research Labs Private Limited.

Team Indus features a former Indian air force pilot, a management guru, a brand building expert and a passionate aerospace engineer turned CEO Rahul Narayan.

The grand prize of Google will be awarded to the company who manages to send a robot that is able to walk at least 500 meters above or below moon’s surface successfully before Dec 2016 and should have no more than 10 percent of total government funding.

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