4th Stimulus Update 2023: These States Are Sending Out Additional Payments and How to Claim Yours

Due to distribution delays in 2022, eligible residents of California, Colorado, Idaho, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Rhode Island, and Virginia will either get checks or new programs will begin.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Congress provided roughly $2.3 trillion in payments to American households. The Coronavirus Relief, Aid, and Economic Security Act was passed, and as a result, each person received three stimulus payments totalling $1,200 apiece plus $500 for each kid. In 2021, the program came to an end.

Stimulus Check For Colorado

Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a statute granting a tax rebate of $750 for solo filers and $1,500 for joint filers in May 2022. Residents received what was referred to as “immediate relief” payments in the form of checks issued in 2022 rather than in 2023.


By the Special Session rebate that the Idaho Legislature approved in September, taxpayers who were permanent residents in 2020 as well as 2021 & also claimed an Idaho single-person income tax rebate or Form 24 be eligible to receive a payment equal to either 10% of their 2020 income tax liability or up to $300 ($600 for joint filers) whichever was greater.

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Maine gave $450 payments to persons who filed their 2021 Maine tax returns by October 31, 2022, were full-time residents, and were not identified as dependents on another tax return as a portion of its Emergency Winter Energy Relief Plan of 2023. The goal was to finish all payments by March 2023 end.


Massachusetts taxpayers could receive a refund equal to about 14% of their state income tax accountability for 2021 if they filed their forms 2021 before October 17, 2022. The qualifying taxpayers were supposed to get payments by December 15 after they were initially submitted on November 1. Payments should be made to those who claimed after 17th October but before 15th September of this year within a month, reports Newsweek.

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