Salman Khan calls out Falaq Naaz, Pooja Bhatt for questioning Abhishek Malhan

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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has taken a stand against actress Falaq Naaz and filmmaker Pooja Bhatt, calling them out for questioning the integrity of renowned actor Abhishek Malhan. In a recent interview, Salman Khan expressed his disappointment over the baseless accusations made against Malhan, emphasizing the need for unity and support within the film industry.

The controversy began when Falaq Naaz and Pooja Bhatt, known for their outspoken nature, raised doubts about Abhishek Malhan’s professional conduct during a press conference. The actors alleged that Malhan had engaged in unethical practices and manipulated his way into prominent roles in recent films.

However, Salman Khan, known for his loyalty to his fellow actors and colleagues, came to Abhishek Malhan’s defense, refuting the allegations as unfounded and damaging to the actor’s reputation. Khan, who has worked with Malhan on several successful projects, expressed his belief in Malhan’s talent and dedication to his craft.

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In a statement released to the press, Salman Khan said, “Abhishek is a talented actor who has proven himself time and again. It is disheartening to see such baseless allegations being thrown at him without any concrete evidence. We, as an industry, should stand united and support each other rather than trying to bring each other down.”

Khan’s response has garnered support from various members of the film fraternity, who have also criticized Naaz and Bhatt for their remarks. Prominent actors, directors, and industry veterans have come forward to vouch for Abhishek Malhan’s professionalism and his commitment to his work.

Abhishek Malhan, known for his versatile performances in both commercial and critically acclaimed films, has refrained from making any public statements regarding the controversy. Sources close to the actor suggest that he is focused on his upcoming projects and prefers not to engage in unnecessary controversies.

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While Falaq Naaz and Pooja Bhatt have not yet responded to Salman Khan’s comments, the backlash against their allegations continues to grow. Many fans and followers have expressed disappointment in their actions, calling for responsible behavior within the industry and emphasizing the importance of supporting one another.

As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Falaq Naaz and Pooja Bhatt will address Salman Khan’s comments and clarify their stance on the matter. For now, the spotlight remains on Abhishek Malhan and the support he has received from Salman Khan and the film fraternity, highlighting the need for unity and solidarity in the face of baseless accusations.

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