Nikki Tamboli reveals her Bollywood aspirations; ‘I am more than just a pretty face’

Nikki Tamboli reveals her Bollywood aspirations; 'I am more than just a pretty face'

Nikki Tamboli rose to fame after her appearance in Bigg Boss 14 and is now set to make her debut on OTT with the film “Puppy Love”. In a recent interview with Free Press Journal, she discussed her upcoming movie and her aspirations to enter Bollywood.

As per the reports, in “Puppy Love“, Nikki will portray a Punjabi NRI character, reflecting her real-life bubbly personality. This role offers her an excellent opportunity to showcase her acting skills.The actor said that, “In the film, I play a Punjabi NRI girl similar to real life. The makers felt I would be well-suited for the role, given my real-life bubbly personality. Since the story revolves around my character, it will be a great chance for me to showcase my acting skills.”

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Regarding her Bollywood debut, the Bigg Boss star stated that it’s on her agenda, but she is not willing to accept any random offers. Nikki is determined to prove she is more than just a pretty face and wants roles that truly justify her talent.

She said,“That’s certainly part of my hit list, slowly new opportunities are coming and I want to show the world I am more than just a pretty face, Having said that I won’t pick any random offers in Bollywood, The role has to justify my talent, I am sure about this and there are no compromises allowed.”

Although Nikki Tamboli is well-known for her work in South Indian Cinema, her popularity skyrocketed after participating in reality shows like Bigg Boss season 14 and Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. She recently appeared in an item number in the film Jogira Sara Ra Ra.

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Starting her acting career in the South Indian industry, Nikki gained prominence through movies like Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu, Kanchana 3, and Thippara Meesam. However, it was her stint on Bigg Boss 14 that brought her immense attention, and she became known for her clever game plan, top-notch fashion sense, humour, and her signature word “Hain.” Though she did not win the show, she became a sensation and one of the most memorable and admired contestants in the history of Bigg Boss.



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