Jungkook’s Latest Weverse Session Expresses His Adoration for Chicken Makhani and Naan: ‘I Crave It’

Jungkook's Latest Weverse Session Expresses His Adoration for Chicken Makhani and Naan: 'I Crave It'

Desi BTS ARMY had a surprise Sunday night when the youngest member of the group, Jungkook, had another live chat on Weverse. During the meeting, Jungkook shared his love for Indian food, especially chicken makhani and naan.

During the meeting, Jungkook said, “Someone asked me if I had Indian food. Chicken makkani. Do you know naan?”

You dip it in curry and enjoy it. I love this. Serve with curry. Oh my god, I’m so grateful. it will be delicious

I’m hungry. I am so hungry. Please don’t talk about food. I’m begging you.

BTS seems to have a special bond with Indian culture.

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Jungkook’s last appearance brought back memories of fans of Jimin, who was another BTS member at Weverse concerts in the past.

During the meeting, Jimin talked about his love for Biryani. BTS member Yoongi also expressed his desire to visit India in an earlier interview and talked about his love for Bollywood movies.

In 2021, a video resurfaced online showing BTS members enjoying naan and paneer. In the video, one of the members said when he tasted the cheese: “I thought it was tofu, but it tasted like milk.”

Another member asked, “Cheese?” asked.

From a professional perspective, Jungkook revealed that he is currently working on a mini album that is expected to be released in November along with another album.

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His first single, “Seven”, is already a huge hit, reaching number one on the Billboard 100 chart.

The song is a collaboration with American rapper Latto and Korean actress Han So Hee.

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