Hubballi Nurses Viral Video: 12 MBBS Students suspended for making offensive reel

Hubballi Nurses Viral Video: 12 MBBS Students suspended for making offensive reel

Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) President Dr. Ishwar Hosmani extended 15 second-year students of graduation for Bachelor of Internal Medicine students.

Their ban came after a video allegedly showing a nurse in an embarrassing situation went viral online and was posted on an Instagram carousel Assoc.

This video not only weakens nurses, but also puts nurses and their professionals at risk.

This video dishonorably exposes nurses, undermining their professionalism and dedication, and posting this video will be disrespectful to the public. We respect your privacy and will act promptly, quickly and effectively.”

“Furthermore, Dr Hosmani said the students involved immediately removed the offending video from their social media accounts and posted an apology online.

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Maintenance personnel complain to the manager.

Nurses from various schools gathered in the principal’s office to demand strict action against the students who caused the video problem. The situation became tense, causing the police to take action to restore order.

Kims viral video

In response to the worsening situation, KIMS Director Ramalingappa Antartani and other officials met with medical representatives.

The conclusion was drawn up by a committee tasked with assessing the situation and recommending appropriate action for the students concerned.

In addition, organizations advocating monitoring policy seek rigor and prudence to prevent similar incidents in the future. He also met with Ramalingappa.

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The college has created a committee consisting of the college principal, two members of the Nurses’ Association, and two principals from private nursing colleges. This committee will conduct an investigation to the whole matter and determine appropriate further actions.

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