Netflix’s ‘A Day and a Half’ Review: How to Survive 36 Hours in a Car with Your Ex!

“A Day and a Half “(En dag och en halv) is Netflix’s new Swedish thriller that excites fans.

The film will feature some of the biggest names in Swedish cinema.

The streaming platform has added content in several languages ​​for international viewing with previously successful Swedish projects like Quicksand, Caliphate, and more.

The trailer and ad for the upcoming thriller caught the attention of fans with its story themes: loss, lies, betrayal, love and hate, and a stellar cast.

Plot of the movie:

“A Day and a Half Plot” Inspired by true events, the film revolves around Altan, who abducted his ex-wife Louise during a trip to Sweden and brought the police along with her. Officer Lucas was with him.

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Atan hopes that the summer trip will help him reunite with his daughter. This happiness and desire took them to the Swedish countryside on a hot summer day.

Cast of the movie:

“A Day and a Half” Cover Star thriller Fares as Police Officer Lukas, Alexej Manvelov as Artan, and Alma Pöysti as Artan’s ex-wife Louise. It also stars Stina Ekblad as Wanja and Bengt Annica Liljeblad as Anna.

The cast also includes CW Carlson and Annika Haring as doctors. Gadrius and Johnny Tardy, Dr.Jacob. “A Day and a Half” Broadcast and TrailerThis Swedish drama is the debut of Fares Fares, who has previously worked on projects such as Westworld and Chornobyl.

He co-wrote the screenplay for the movie with Peter Smyrnakos. The movie will hit Netflix on September 1, 2023. Produced by Warner Bros undertakes.

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International TV Production as executive producer with Johan Hedman. In addition, Christina Legkova will serve as producer along with Hanna Lundmark.

A trailer has been released showing the emotional ups and downs of the movie.

The main movie is captivating, and the trailer shows how the performances of Fares Fares and Alex Manvilov will captivate the audience.

In addition, the advertisement reflects the stress and emotions of the journey that will change the lives of its participants.

“A Day and a Half” will be released worldwide on Netflix on September 1, 2023.

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