Why China’s Xi Jinping Might Skip The G20 Summit in India: Report

China's Xi Jinping may skip G20 Summit in India, report says
Report claims Xi Jinping to miss G20 Summit in India amid tensions

Chinese President Xi Jinping will unlikely attend the G20 Summit in India next week amid rising tensions between the two countries over the border dispute in the Himalayas. The report cited anonymous sources who said that China was not satisfied with India’s handling of the situation and that Xi was reluctant to share a platform with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The summit will be held in New Delhi from October 31 to November 1.

There are a few reasons why Xi Jinping might not attend the summit. One is the controversial incision of Arunachal Pradesh and other Indian territory in the new China map. Another reason is that relations between China and India are strained due to several territorial disputes.

Ahead of #G20Summit in India, China again provokes India, releasing the “2023 edition of the standard map of China”, which continues to show the entire State of Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin, along with territories in the South China Sea & Taiwan. The region within China’s border.

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Xi Jinping’s absence from the G20 Summit would be a significant development. The G20 is the world’s premier economic forum, and China is among its most important members. If Xi Jinping does not attend, it would signify the current tensions between China and India.

It is still possible that Xi Jinping could change his mind and attend the summit. However, the reports that he will likely skip it suggest that the tensions between China and India are serious.

The G20 Summit, which brings together the leaders of the world’s 20 major economies, is scheduled in New Delhi in October 2023. It would be the first time that India hosts the summit and the first time that Xi and Modi meet face-to-face since the deadly clash between their troops in June 2020, which killed at least 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese casualties.

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The report also said that China had not officially confirmed or denied Xi’s participation in the summit but that it was unlikely that he would attend unless there was a significant improvement in the bilateral relations. The sources said that China was also concerned about India’s growing ties with the United States and other countries in the Indo-Pacific region, which Beijing sees as a strategic challenge to its interests.

India was still hopeful that Xi would attend the summit and that it was ready to engage with China on various issues of mutual interest. However, it also said that India was prepared to deal with any scenario and that it would not compromise on its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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