Baidu vs Google: The Battle of AI-Ad Platforms and LLMs in China

Baidu vs Google: The Battle of AI-Ad Platforms and LLMs in China

The Chinese search engine giant Baidu has launched a new AI-powered advertising platform called QingGe. The platform uses artificial intelligence to automate online ads’ creation, targeting, and optimization. Baidu claims QingGe can improve ad conversion rates by up to 20%.

The launch of QingGe comes as China is ramping up its investment in artificial intelligence. In the past year, the Chinese government has released more than 70 large language models (LLMs), which are AI systems that can generate text, translate languages, and answer questions in a human-like way. 

These LLMs are being used by businesses and government agencies across China to improve their products and services.

Baidu vs Google

The launch of QingGe is a sign that Baidu is determined to compete with Google in the global advertising market. The platform is a major step forward for Baidu’s AI capabilities and could help the company regain market share in China.

Baidu also announced that it has developed a new AI-powered tool called QingDuo AIGC Tool Kit. This tool helps businesses to create and manage their online advertising campaigns. QingDuo AIGC Tool Kit is powered by Baidu’s LLMs and can help businesses to target their ads more effectively and improve their return on investment.

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The development of QingGe and QingDuo AIGC Tool Kit is a sign that Baidu is committed to using AI to improve its advertising business. The company is also investing in other areas of AI, such as natural language processing and machine learning. Baidu is well-positioned to become a major player in the global AI market.

About QingGw and GingDuo

QingGe is a self-service platform allowing businesses to create, target, and optimize online ads without human intervention. The platform uses AI to automate these tasks, saving businesses time and money.

QingDuo AIGC Tool Kit is a more advanced tool that gives businesses more control over advertising campaigns. The tool allows businesses to target their ads more precisely and track their performance more closely.

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